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Lady Luck Online – Casino and Sports Betting

Choose from 100's of casino games including live dealers and live sporting events world wide! Join the exclusive sports mobile offer as well. Online sports and casino bonuses. Bet on games both college and pros 24 hours a day.

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Perfect d&d Dice Sets for Players and Game Masters

We at Blue Wizard Gaming offer many great d&d dice sets for any RPG games, which are commonly known as the "D&D Dice set". Each of these sets consists of: perfectly weighted D20 dice, which is in most RPGs the main dice for any skill/combat roll. A carefully balanced D12 dice is used for the real big weapons and random time management. Two finely designed D10 for weapon damage and percentage rolls; one is numbered 0-9, the other 00-90. A perfect D8, for most one-handed weapon damage rolls and flawless D6 for the attribute rolls and for the smaller weapons. A devious D4 is designed for the smallest weapons and as caltrops. You can find these sets of RPG dices in our store in many styles and colors. We offer not only thematically colored metal dices, as if the Allegiance Blue, but also more extravagant and lighter polymer sets, like Aqua Copper. Browse our store and you will surely find what you are looking for!

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12345Casino is a social Casino from Casoony with Poker Dice Game and many Slotmachines with daily free Tournament to Gamble for free.

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